chairman-photoElectronic goods plays a vital role in our livelihood, and now a day which has become a basic need of the mass people. Even then nobody can think to enroll themselves in the modern digital world without any electronics goods. Considering this importance, we have established an electronics industry at Dhirasrom Gazipur in the year 2002 which is now one of the leading electronic goods manufacturers in the country. The world is changing rapidly. To cope up with the rapid changing trend we are to adjust ourselves at per with the changing speed. Keeping this view in mind, we have established the industry to take part in industrialization process for economic growth and creating employment opportunity of the country by producing better quality electronic goods without compromising the quality to supplement this basic need of the mass people.

Our activities are also being carried out to replace the imported goods by producing and supplying the better quality one at a reasonable price. Our target is growth throw creativity and innovation by addressing social, economic and environmental justice. We are well furnished with a very strong research and development wing in compliance with both national and international rules. We fulfill our corporate social responsibility in accordance to the highest priority to human life and safety. We do our utmost to maximize our corporate values throw the promotion of CSR management being trusted citizen of the country. We also do care the values of our employees as well as the client.

M. A. Razzak Khan (Raj)
Chairman & Managing Director
Myone Electronics Industries Ltd.